This website was made by a Fantasy Premier League fan for the FPL fans.
Because ingame statistics give players their points, it's normal to think that analyzing those stats give you an advantage for the race to become the ultimate Fantasy manager.
To give you this advantage, we are trying to build the most complete Fantasy datatable.


What make you choose a player over another player ? Guts, Fanaticism, Random ?
Not really scientific, how about statistics, not an exact science but still a good beginning to start your team or change an injured player.
We give you the choice to filter from a large range of different statistics.
Play with filters and columns sorting and who knows, you could find the next Gareth Bale.


Stats are cool, but charts are cooler.
Numbers alone can be boring, that's why we added some charts to the players
From spidergraph to sparkline charts, we make stats prettier.

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